So I could have alzheimer's, but brain MRI missed it? I have major memory issues, confusion, feel drunk, sensation in head, cognitive problems, I'm 19

19. 19 years old, diagnosed osa (mostly if not controlled yet) you don t need alzheimer s diagnosis (at your age?!) to explain those symptoms. If those problems persist after treating osa properly, and maybe adjusting your weight and healthy diet, further studies might be needed. Ask your dr, more workup may help. Stay clean and safe. Good luck.
NOT ALZHEIMERS. Highly doubtful you would have any signs of alzheimer's at age 19, and normal brain MRI should reassure you. Cognitive complaints could be due to a sleep disorder, which may require better control. Do you use recreational drugs, as this too could be an explanation. Occasionally, migraine problems can be associated with confusion and dizziness (dysphrenia hemicrania transitoria) see your doc.