What's the best shampoo or treatment to use on scaling, plaque psoriasis on the scalp?

Many together. Tar shampoo is very effective, but you need to clean the scalp first with a mild shampoo, and then use neutratar or a generic afterwards. Make sure you lather it and then let is stay on your scalp, perhaps 5m. I recommend the concommitant use of a zinc shampoo on your next washing. And alternate.
Neutrogena. There are a variety of shampoo options. Tar shampoo is an old favorite neutrogena is option but there are other tar shampoos to consider.

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What is the most effective treatment for plaque psoriasis?

Depends. The answer depends on how extensive your psoraisis is. Topical agents play a role but if your disease is more extensive there are many old and new medications such as stelera, enbrel, Remicade (infliximab) or psorisis. Talk with your dermatologist or a rheumatologist for further answers.

Starting Cicloporine for plaque psoriasis 30% covered. After treatment will my condition come back worse after a few weeks/months? I'm very nervous

Communicate with you. Assuming you have a dermatologist, you need detailed communication. Typically you would transition to another treatment for long-term management. No, it will not rebound worse. Cyclosporine may get you off a crisis. But you may need only cream after a few months. Or you could go to methotrexate or Humira (adalimumab) or a number of others. Arthritis????

Does scalp plaque psoriasis get worse over time?

Psoriasis. While it depends on each person, psoriasis can be a lifelong condition. There are some things however that people do that can cause it to worsen: infection, stress, smoking, obesity, decreased exposure to uv light, and alcohol consumption.

Why is it so hard to get scalp plaque psoriasis diagnosed?

I don't know why? I find it easy to diagnose, because most pts have minimal psoriasis elsewhere. Plaque psoriasis is quite different from other scalp dermatites. But the scalp must be examined or it will not be found!

Blistering bumps covering my face, elbows, forearms, scalp, and pelvic region. Along with the back of the neck. Plaque psoriasis? Press help.

See doc. This is not description of psoriasis. This is more consistent with extensive allergic reaction such as erythema multiform which needs internal medications. Diagnosis amy need biopsy and blood tests. See doc immediately to prevent scarring or long term discoloration.

Best medication for plaque psoriasis. I have tried almost everything?

Oral or shots. If it is localized a compound of lcd and salicylic acid can help. If it is extensive methotrexate, soriaitane or a biologic such as Enbrel (etanercept) will work, although results vary by individual.
Sunlight. Hi there, I'm assuming if you've "tried everything, " that would include most topical and systemic medications. One of the best treatments for plaque psoriasis is sunlight, as the uv rays can really make a big difference. Some of the vitamin a analogues are helpful as well, as these are specialized topical creams. If you haven't used an option from that group, i'd also give it a try. Take care.

What's the best shampoo or treatment to use on itchy, scaling psoriasis on the scalp?

T/Gel or T/Sal. For otc shampoos, neutrogena t/gel, t/sal, tar shampoos, head & shoulder, selsun blue/brown/gold are better than others. But prescription shampoos ordered by derm surely are more powerful. Adding strong cortisone scalp liquid/solution is necessary, sometimes, particularly for sever scalp psoriasis.
Shampoo. Try neutogena t gel or t sal or dhs tar or dhs zinc shampoo.