In my eye is something. Is this pterygium?

Have it looked at. Need a photo or description to help try to figure it out.
Maybe. A pterygium is an overgrowth of tissue from the conjunctiva onto the cornea caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. Other lesion can look similarly so i would see an eye doctor for further evaluation.
Looks like what? Pterygia are generally asymptomatic growths starting medially or laterally in the eye and in advanced stages can overgrow the cornea affecting vision. Most are quiescent but some get inflammed and make the eye red. If this is what you have, your ophthalmologist can advise you. If it is different than youneed an answer from your ophthalmologist.
Pterygium. Pterygium:very common, abnormal growth of clear covering (conjunctiva) of white part of the eye (sclera) over the cornea (window of the eye). If severe and causing discomfort or red, it can be removed with surgery. It is generally benign. It is due to excess sun/UV exposure usually. Prevention is only remedy. Avoid sun (sunglasses, hat); avoid smoking. Natural rx info: see