How long can someone live in decent shape with prostate cancer stage 4?

Lots of ways to be. Stage iv, and lots of treatment options; survival depends on how much disease you have. Treatment relieves symptoms and makes living more enjoyable. (orchiectomy, anti-hormones, even vaccines). While some disease kills people quickly, even very advanced bony disease can live years. The small cell type is distinctive and bad...Short prognosis.
Variable. No self-respecting dr. Gives an accurate timeframe. Depends upon overall health of patient, how aggressive this particular is (ie gleason 9), how much has spread already, whether hormonal or other medication or radiation treatment has been tried and response to these measures. Overall can be as little as a few months and as much as a number of years. Ask your urologist. Good luck.
Will depend on .. The biology of the cancer. Some prostate cancers are aggresive but, some other indolent.Some cancer cells are sensitive to androgen and respond well to androgen blocker some others are resistant to it and requires chemotherapy. It varies. People can live just for several months in a very agressive ca to many years in the indolent one. More treatments available now hopefully will increase survival.
Mets cancer. Unfortunately the 2 year survival of someone with metastatic prostate cancer is 40% and 5 year survival is 10%. Sorry.

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My father has stage 4 prostate cancer its in his blood hes 92 yrs old the docs say they cought it to late, how long does he have?

Varies widely. Up to 28-31% of men with stage 4 prostate cancer are alive 5 years following the diagnosis. As each situation is unique, a more specific prognosis can be obtained from the treating physician based on factors relating to the extend of metastasis, the tumor grade, ability to utilize therapy, reponse of tumor to therapy, etc. Read more...
Stage 4. Unless we know more info could be months to years, many men live a very long time even with cancer spread. Read more...