Why when I walk does one of my knees goes inward toward my other knee?

You have condition. Called knock knee, it have different reason check with orthopedic surgen he will guide you how to corect it.

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My left knee is very squishy towards the bottom. I limp when I walk, & it's brushing. Do you have an idea what's wrong? What can I do? (i'm a dancer!)

Prepatellar bursitis. Its difficult to say without examining you or without further info. When patients complain of a squishy knee especially at the front it often refers to prepatellar bursitis. This is an inflamation of the bursa or protective sac anterior to your knee cap. It can become inflammed when aggravated by hitting it or kneeling on it. Rx is nsaids, padding, possible inj- see your orthopedist.

I am a male, 60 y/o, 5' 7" and weight 195 lb. It is about one week that I have pain in my left knee only when I walk down the stairs, what should I do?

Knee pain. Often knee discomfort on walking down the stairs is an early symptom of osteoarthritis of that knee. I recommend weight reduction to lessen the load on your knees. For diagnosis of osteoarthritis a simple xray is usually helpful. Taking nsaids like Advil (ibuprofen) can be done as needed. If symptoms worsen see an orthopedic specialist for diagnosis and advice regarding treatment but this sounds mild for now.

Hi Doctor, My knee hurts when I walk I dont think it is something to do with bones, neithermuscles... I know how they hurt. For this one, today when?

Knee pain. Knee pain per se may or may not suggest an underlying disease which may include arthritis versus soft tissue changes like meniscus or cartilage injury. I recommend being seen by an orthopedic surgeon or a rheumatologist for further evaluation and your specific case.

Is my knee infected? I fell on the street yesterday, and badly scraped my knee. It is painful, need to take painkillers almost 3-4 times a day, hurts when I walk, climb stairs. This pic is one day after I fell. I have been cleaning it, applying antibiotic

Based. Based on the photo and your description, the knee is not infected. You should continue to gently cleanse the knee with soap and water on a daily basis. You should continue to apply neoporin or other antibiotic cream and a clean sterile bandage such as a bandaide. Your knee is healing fine. If the area around the knee becomes angry red, hot to the touch and more painful, you should see your doctor as it may be becoming infected. You should also see your doctor if you develop a temperature over 100.4 f (38 c) or if you develop shaking chills.

I fell down on sidewalk and just below the knee towards the left of the knee is swollen and hurts to walk....what should I do?

RICE. Rest Ice Compression Elevation. If pain and swelling don't improve or worsen, visit your primary care or an urgent care. Thanks for trusting HealthTap!

I have an abcess above my knee its so painful I can't hardly walk and the pain has spread up my leg toward my groin does this sound like cellulitis?

Spreading infection. Cellulitis is when the infection is spreading through the soft tissues under the skin. Infection can also travel by lymphatic vessels. In that case, one would see streaks of red going up from the infected area to the lymph nodes. Both are dangerous situations and require treatment immediately. Please see your doctor asap. If not available, go to the emergency room immediately.
Yes. May be a complication known as lymphangitis where infection spreads in the lymph vessels. Would not hesitate to have this seen right away- need appropriate antibiotics +\- surgical incision an drainage.
I agree. You need to see a doctor to sse if you have a more serious cellulitis called necrotizing fascitis. You may need surgery for the cellulitis abscess plus to rule out necrotizing fascitis. See a docto now for you will need probably IV anibiotics and surgery to drain the abscess.

When I put my foot up (toes towards knee), my achilles hurts. No swelling. Not obese. Don't walk alot. What could it be and what can I do?

Tendonitis or spur. Possiblle spur or tendenitis squeeze the area if painful especially near the heel Heel may help buy at pharmacy xray to rule out spur advil 3x per day with food take two 3x.