What should I do if I have an itchy anus for a week?

Don't scratch. A number of possibilities can cause anal itching. Some include irritation from feces, food sensitivities, (some spicy foods and coffee bother some people), hemorrhoids, contact allergies, yeast infection. If you can't figure it out, ask your doctor.

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Self diagnosed pin worms (haven't seen any) due to itchy anus took my second dose (14 days apart) last week itching remains? Small brown specks dirt?

No Diagnosis. You are taking medication you do not name for a problem that has not been properly diagnosed? It is time to put the medication away and go get a real examination and testing and the correct diagnosis.

I have an itchy anus?

"Pruritis Ani" There are many causes. Pinworms, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, poor hygiene, sexual practices, medications, lotions, creams and other topicals applied to the area may cause itching. Moisture from sweating or bathing suits may cause itching. Viral infections, maceration of skin from rubbing or scratching or other trauma may cause this as well. Try good hygiene, drying the area, and observe.
Hemorrhoid. This sounds like a case of hemorrhoids. You can get OTC Prep H for treatment or see your PCP.

I have an itchy anus. I have previously had hemeroids but have tried anusol and doesn't work.

Yeast. Might be a yeast infection. Try a Nystatin ointment, cream, or powder. Don't wear a wet bathing suit for the several hours after swimming- dry off.
Fiber, dry anus. Try taking a tablespoon of psyllium (such as metamucil) each day and apply calmoseptine around the anus 2-3 times per day for a couple weeks then as needed. If that doesn't take care of it, see a colorectal surgeon.

What to do if I have an itchy anus, why can't I get rid of it?

Could be a lot of. Reasons. You need to see your doc for a full history and a detailed anorectal exam. Most commonly its due to increase ingestion of coffee, beer, chocolates, tomatoes, spicy food, orange / grapefruit juice and nuts. Use baby wipes and try over the counter calmoseptine which works really well. A biopsy is also needed somwtimes if symptoms are not going away with conservative means.

I have an itchy anus. I think it is caused by sweating. Is it safe to put deoderant on my bottom?

Burns if has alcohol. Pruritis ani is an annoying itching, sometimes with burning, soreness, worse at night, in 1-5% of people (4x likelier in males). Treatment depends on causes: infection (fungal, parasitic, bacterial, std), local irritants (moisture, soaps, diet, drugs), dermatitis (psoriatic, atopic, seborrheic), cancer, hemorrhoids, fissures, fistulae, rectal prolapse, fecal contamination (diarrhea, incontinence).

I have an itchy anus hole, no rash or bumps or anything it just always itches and sometimes bleeds (may be from itching) I have psoriasis if it matters?

Could be. It may be psoriasis but also may be pruritus ani, or "itchy bottom", especially if it wakes you from your sleep. The 2 most common causes are excess caffeine and excess moisture. See a colorectal specialist and get it diagnosed and treated properly. In the meantime stop all caffeine and replace with other fluids, and use cornstarch powder liberally on your bottom. No soaps and no talcum powders.
See dermatologist. This is a socially embarrassing situation and you should visit your doctor to get it checked out since there are many potential causes.