What are the most common reasons for bleeding between periods?

Many causes see GYN. May be caused by sex intercourse, during or after, rule out pregnancy. Can be related to ovulation in mid-cycle, ( with mild pain, so called "mittleschmerz"). Response to bcp or iud. Inflammation of cervix which can be due std, infection such as chlamydia. Condylomata of cervix or erosion.Uterine polyps or fibroids. Needs full history & examination by gyn dr.

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Is breakthrough bleeding between periods reason for concern? Or usually not a big deal?

Not usually. Break through bleeding (btb) while on hormonal contraception is very common and not serious - only a nuisance. Btb on natural cycles is usually due to hormonal changes at ovulation, and again it is not serious. There are also less common causes (polyps, fibroids, cervical ectopy, cervical cancer) and your gynecologist can help you determine if you have any of these. Read more...