What is wrong with my nipples with lumps (male)?

Depends On Lumps? It depends on what you are meaning by lumps. There are glands beneath the nipples that can become enlarged. They may come and go. Men can also have breast enlargement, called gynecomastia. This is more a general enlargement. Men can also get breast cancer. If the lump is there longer than a month or is growing, see your doctor.
See a Breast surgeon. All breast lumps should be looked at by your pcp or breast surgeon. They will get an ultrasound or mammogram. If they cannot make a diagnosis then they may do a needle biopsy.
Gynecomastia. It seems that you are describing a condition called male gynecomastia. The breast tissue beneath the nipples has enlarged due to drug (anabolic steroids or other prohormone intake) or natural hormones usually inactive in males. Your doctor will usually order some blood tests to determine the cause and the tissue must be surgically removed if it bothers you.