I had blood in urine 2days in 2000. Ive, cystoscopy, prostate all normal. Month ago 3 times blood in urine. Urine looks ok. Waiting for apt. Likely cause?

Possibilities. Blood could be from one of the kidneys, a renal pelvis, a ureter(less common),the bladder or the prostate. For anyone to guess without test results would be meaningless. Most likely your first test will be a CT-IVP with contrast. Good luck to get good news soon.
Blood in the urine. Blood in the urine you can see, aka gross hematuria, merits a full work-up, even if you've had a negative work-up for the same issue previously. Sometimes, even with a full evaluation, the cause will be unknown. The real point is to make sure you don't have a correctable cause of bleeding or one of the "bad things" that can cause blood in the urine. Good luck!