What happens if my baby is born with sickle cell disease?

Needs special care. Baby w/ sickle cell disease needs special attention, so work closely with your pediatrician and pediatric hematologist (blood disease specialist). Your baby need daily medications (vitamins, antibiotic). You need to learn to spot signs and symptoms of sickle cell crisis. Your infant should get all routine childhood vaccines because he/she may not be able to fight infections well.

Related Questions

Are there any symptoms of sickle cell trait in babies?

Not really. If it were not for the newborn screening done in all states we would not pick up these kids in childhood. These kids have pretty normal lives. If/ when their parents are aware they carry trait, we would look for it at some point but there would not be any urgency beyond the desire to know. Read more...

What are the chances of my babies having sickle cell if I have trait?

Depends. If you have sickle trait and your spouse has normal hemoglobin- your baby's chance to have trait is 50%. If your spouse also have trait then your baby chance's to have sickle cell disease is 25% and 50% risk for trait. Read more...