Can nasal polyps or deviated septum cause asthma. No aspirin allergy and no family history of asthma but do have asthmatic symptoms

No. A deviated septum does not cause asthma but it can also cause trouble breathing.
Not causative. Neither a deviated septum nor nasal polyps will cause asthma, but these are all symptoms of allergy in someone your age. Your long term outcome will be best with a thorough evaluation and treatment by an allergist.
Nasal polyps can. Although you are young to have asthma caused by nasal polyps, the two conditions are often associated. A deviated septum is not related directly to asthma. I would recommend you see an allergist for a more specific cause of your asthma. And if the nasal polyps are symptomatic, see an ENT physician.
Yes and No. Nasal polyps typicaly are associated with chronic sinus disease and there is a significantly increased risk of asthma in this population. A deviated nasal septum should not place one at increased risk of asthma.