Are there scars left post breast augmentation procedures?

Yes. There is always going to be a scar after a surgical procedure. How a scar heals and fades is unique to each person, and can take up to a year. Scars for a breast augmentation can be hidden in the breast fold (underneath the breast), around the areola (dark skin around the nipple), or in the armpit.
Yes. The implants need to be inserted via an incision. The most frequently used incisions are on the breast, and are placed discretely. Saline implants require smaller incisions than silicone. Incisions off the breast (armpit/umbilical) are not as predictable, and may not allow for the correction of problems known to occur with breast implants.
yes. However, the scars from breast augmentation surgery are generally well hidden. Depending on your surgeons approach the scar can be blended within the areolar pigmented tissue, underneath the breast, in the armpit, or in the belly button.
Yes. There are a variety of “approaches” that can be used for breast augmentation surgery. Each, regardless of surgical technique, will “leave” a scar. Our goals as plastic surgeon is to “hide” or minimize the visible scarring as much as possible. However, despite best efforts, abnormal scarring may occur and scar revision surgery may be helpful in the long term.
Yes & your choice. The scars will depend on several factors but you have the ability to effect the outcome by selecting location such as around nipple, in underwire crease, armpit, belly button.
Yes. All forms of breast augmentation with the exception of those that rely on dermal fillers leave scars. Anything that cuts through the first layer of the skin will scar. Of course, the procedure type will dictate the length/size of the scar.
Yes, if cutting.. Any cutting will result in scar..Some may or may not be too evident based on the size and location. Often the incision is in lower areas/folds and thus the scars are not easily visible. Also, surgical techniques/skills of the surgeon, along with your body's ability to heal, will help minimize the size of scars.. Consult doc/surgeon for more detail... Good luck..
Yes. Yes, there are scars after any operation. Mostly it's dependent on genetics on how you heal but a good surgeon will put your incisions at the best places to hide them.