I have started walking 6 days a week the last 2 weeks. My vericose vein hurts a lot now. What do I do? I'm 22 am I too young for that?

Ultrasound. If symptomatic, i recommend evaluation by a vein specialist. Likely would involve an ultrasound looking for source of the problem. In the meantime try elevation of your immediately following exercise. Foot should be higher than your heart for 15-30 minutes.
Compression. Along with elevation, trying some light compression should be safe in a 22 yo. Over the counter stockings are rarely therapeutic, so your doctor can help direct you to the appropriate degree of compression.
Support stockings. Varicose veins come from loss of structural support on the vein. External support by the hose provides external support. When the varicose vessels are controlled you might want to jog for short distances rather than be up on your legs for a long period. If you are trying to lose weight, it is important to get your heart rate up which jogging does.
Good for you. I'm glad that u have started walking and kept it up for 2 weeks. How do u know it is ur varicose veins that r hurting? After u walk, take 15 minutes and lie on the couch or on the floor with ur feet elevated above the level of ur heart. Wiggle ur feet every so often. Try chewing a baby Aspirin every other day. Keep walking! if u get too sore 2 go next day walk a little less but don't stop!