How do symptoms differ between strep and mono? Presented in 2 yr old 

Strep vs mono. The fact is that the symptoms of these two diseases are not distinguishable on clinical grounds. They both present with severe sore throat (of course a 2-year old can't tell you that, so they just fuss and refuse to eat), often fever, often upset stomach. Strep is diagnosed by a culture or antibody test (throat swab) and mono is diagnosed by a blood test called the "mono spot" test.
Hard to say. These present with a similar beefy throat, fever & refusal to drink/feed in a 2 yo. I really think the mono kids are a little sicker.Mono kids can also be strep carriers or have strep disease at the same time. In the end, the doc just screens for strep and or mono or both, depending on the situation.