Baby will be 1 yr in june. Taken by c se at 35 wkc due to pih. Bp still kind of high but dr says no meds. Would it be unwise to start trying for #2?

Optimize yourself. You should try to optimize you health as much as possible. Reduce your sodium intake to less than 2000mg daily. Eat less than 2000 calories daily and make every effort to achieve your ideal weight as determined by your doctor.
Hx of PIH. You had early onset pih with your previous pregnancy. In your next pregnancy you have a 15% risk of recurrence. Usually this occurs at the same time during pregnancy. If your BP is still high almost a year after, you may have chronic hypertension. A consultation with an mfm doctor might help to plan your next pregnancy.
No, it is not unwise. You are at a higher risk for preeclampsia in a second pregnancy based on your history. If you have chronic hypertension, that risk is even higher....Likely in the 30% or so range. That being said, if you are going to get pregnant again, it is not unreasonable to start trying now. There are many factors that can affect your risk, such as.....Was the baby normal size, how high is your BP now, etc.