Pain in ankle feels like pressure deep inside with what feel like electric shocks going out to toes and calf. Painful to move or walk. Normal x-ray.

Need more testing. X-rays may miss stress fractures (as in talar dome stress) you may need a ct scan or MRI to better image your ankle and nail down a diagnosis. The electric shock sensations suggest nerve involvement which may be due to nerve entrapment secondary to some inflammation process. It would be helpful to know if this condition started after an injury or if it gradually came upon you. See a podiatrist.
Leg pain shooting. You may have nerve entrapment and / or neuroma which can be causing the pain shocks up and down leg/ foot. If trauma occurred , assume damage to structures and requires immobilization with cast or splint. Need to rest , elevate, limit activity for few weeks then re- x-ray. Some fractures show up later. Then start pt if clear, other therapy warranted such as nerve blocks. Calf pain=er visit.
I would rule out. Tarsal tunnel, keeping in mind a possible radiculopathy from the lower back.