Can a bad tooth infection cause flu like symptoms?

Absolutely. When a tooth infection becomes systemic you will experience flu like symptoms. You need to be placed on antibiotics asap. Go see a dentist.
Yes. A bad tooth infection can cause very serious issues including sinus infection and in rare instances infection in the heart.

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Are there any certain skin infections that may cause flu like symptoms or severe illness?

Yes. Yes, in fact if these are experienced you proceed to a doctors office or emergency clinic today.
Possibly. Cellulitis may extend beyond the boundries of the skin either into underlying tissues and create fasciitis, myositis, osteomyelitis, etc. The organisms can also enter the blood stream and create sepsis. You may also be seeing cutaneous manifestations of a systemic illness rather than just a skin infection.

What could cause flu like symptoms with fatigue blood work is normal no sign of infection?

Would need more info. To answer in more detail on your particular situiaton but, there is a cold going around that generally causes mild symptoms in adults.
Many possibilites. Viral infections often produce little to no evidence of infection on CBC, esp. If no previous WBC differential to compare with, may only result in a shift of more lymphocyte to neutrophils than baseline, if that. Additionally, the symptoms are a systemic response to virus, if present; not necessarily caused by virus. As Soul↔Mind↔Brain↔Body creatures, symptoms can response to a variety of stimuli.

What causes transient flu-like symptoms rather than flu itself? An infection in body?

So many things. There are literally hundreds of possibilities, if you have fever that persists despite antipyretics such as tylenol, (acetaminophen) or additional symptoms other than flulike illness, please seek the attention of a physician for a personal evaluation.
Mainly immune system. Though direct viral killing can occur, causing some of the sx, in response to infections from viruses, your body produces a lot of different proteins to help signal and coordinate your immune system to fight infection, and to create a hostile environment to the virus. Examples includes interferon alpha/beta- this group of proteins can cause muscle aches, joint pain, and fever. Hope this helps.

Can a yeast infection cause nausea, backache or flu like symptoms?

Possible. Very unlikely but possible if it's very severe, why don't you see your provider for a pelvic exam and an Urinalysis. Maybe you have urinary tract infection.

21 yr-old had 8 months of upper respiratory and urinary symptoms, felt caused by infections, and may have immune system disorder on test results.....?

UA. I would suggest a UA and microscopic examination, IgE levels and a review of atopic history. Additional testing can include antibody levels following vaccination.
Immune deficiency. Would like to know how low the IgG is. In this case I would consider a functional immune evaluation by studying his pre and post Pneumococcal 23, and Td immune response if the IgG is only borderline low. If it is very low, then IVIG is likely indicated (I have yet had a patient who can tolerate SCIG). I would also like to find out what the urinary culture results are. If they have not been revealing, then a PCR bacterial analysis would be indicated. The mucosal ulcerations is suggestive of an autoimmune disorder and I would include Reiter's syndrome in my diagnosis.
Diagnosis. Having read your important information it is necessary to first see your Primary doctor who will take your medical history, examine you, and order laboratory and imaging studies. It is very likely that the doctor will refer you to specialists related to the issues your primary doctor found. Please let me know how things go and we can discuss it further if needed.
See below. It may be not only one, but combination of causes, so consider to test for other STD's: Chamidia, gonorrhea, syphilis, Herpes. Also check for EBV and Candida. Genital Ulcer in combination with URT d-se described in some cases of Salmonella typhi. Rule out aphthosis, such as in Behcet’s disease or Crohn’s disease. Best!
Have you been tested for syphilis? You have a difficult diagnostic situation. Syphilis is a condition that can present with a complex set of signs and symptoms. I suggest that you get tested for this if you haven't already.
Idiopathic CD4+ lymphocytopenia? There is a very rare condition called Idiopathic CD4+ Lymphocytopenia (ICL) which mimics the CD8/CD4 inversion seen in HIV positive disease but without PCR-detectable HIV. Depending on his absolute CD4 count & T-cell percentage, he may meet the diagnostic criteria for this disease. The cause is "idiopathic" - ie, unknown. ICL seems to be more indolent than HIV (slower drop in CD4 counts) but susceptible to the same opportunistic infections. Interestingly, lymphomas & autoimmune diseases are more common in ICL, which may explain the hematoproteinuria (or it could be explained by infection & gamma globulinuria). I'd be curious to know if immunodeficiency runs in his family, though ICL does NOT seem to have a genetic predisposition. Nutritional & metabolic deficiencies, I presume, have been ruled out in this case (angular cheilitis - severe B12 or purine deficiency?). I also presume that his platelet count & Hgb are within the reference range, excluding myelodysplastic diseases like MM.
Possible vasculitis. I would have an ANCA panel checked, especially with you saying you're having hematuria and proteinuria. There are a few conditions we refer to as pulmonary renal syndromes and they are all a type of vasculitis. Some of the names are Wegener's and Goodpasture's.
Here are some... The urinary & respiratory symptoms may not be related. However, to sort all the potentially related things out correctly for good/right care can not be that hard by following suggestion/instruction in articles listed in http://formefirst. Com/onDealSickness. Html. Key points are judicious symptomatic care + differential diagnosis as suggested + realistic understanding & acceptance of life.

I've been having flu like symptoms and symptoms that I'm having another kidney infection, can that also be a sign of infection in my kidneys?

What symptoms. Need more information about your symptoms. Do you have your urinary frequency, urgency or pain with urination. If so these could be consistent with bladder or urinary tract infection.

I was diagnosed with an upper restpitory infection. I was given and taken the c-pak. I now have flu like symptoms. Fever, weakness, body rash?

Viral syndrome. 85% of the time someone with your symptoms has a viral upper respiratory illness and antibiotics will not help. The treatment is rest, lots of fluids, medications to aid the symptoms, and time for your body to combat the virus and get healing to take place.
Reaction or flu? It could be that you had a viral infection all along, and the z pack did not affect it and now you are still having the progression of the original illness, or it may be that you are reacting to the medication. Did you take any other medications with the z pack? Call you doctor and let them examine you.