How do docs check your thyroid? What do thyroids do? I lack energy. Tired all the time. Could sleep all day. Feel bit weak

Thyroid . Thyroid is your energy and metabolism gland in your neck. It is checked by your doctor feeling the front part of your neck. S/he will be feeling for nodules or a goiter. Lab tests ( simple blood draw) is followed by an ultrasound of your thyroid if any nodules are found. Best wishes. You can read more at:www.Mayoclinic.Com/health/hypothyroidism/ds00353 hypothyroidism — comprehensive overview cover.
Blood test for Level. Thyroid makes a hormone that affects your body's action level (the metabolism) and blood tests would be obtained to see if there is elevated stimulation of the thyroid (tsh level) and if there is a low level of thyroid hormone itself. Your pcp can order these tests for you.