What are good treatment options for adult acne?

ADULT ACNE. Adult acne is caused by sebum an oily substance prodused by sebaceous gland which clogs the pores which attract bacteria and it gets infected and inflamed. Treatment options are skin cleansers like cetaphil lotio, over the counter retinol creams to clear the pores. Benzyl peroxide wash and prescription clindamycine cream or lotion or tetrecycline, and newre therapy with lasers, for acne scars salicylic.
Adult acne. Acne treatment depends on the severity. Mild acne can be treated with good skin care products such as Retin-A and topical benzoyl peroxide. Moderate acne can add topical antibiotic as well as peels and lasers. Severe acne may need short term antibiotics, retin-a, topical antibiotics, ala and laser followed by resurfacing for scars and or accutane.