I was diagnosed with mrsa, what exactly is it?

Fancy impetigo. Methicillin-resistant staph aureus, or mrsa, is a bacteria that does not get killed by the usual antibiotics. Since it is usually a skin infection, it is another form of impetigo, which is caused by staph or strep. It is good for your doctor to know that you are susceptible to mrsa, as this will guide the choice of antibiotic that he or she will choose for you.
A nasty Staph . Mrsa stands for methicillin resistant stapholoccuc aureus, and is a staph that is resistant to many usual antibiotics (and each one has different antibiotics that will kill it). It often causes more aggressive infections and often spreads through the family.It should be treated, after culture, with the specific andtibiotics shown to work in the lab. Others in the family should be looked at.
Mrsa. There are two types of mrsa infections. Hospital mrsa is different than mrsa skin infections prevalent in communities. Mrsa infections on the skin are quite contagious and are passed by direct contact between athletes, spouses, siblings. Some need to be seen by a physician to have the infection drained. Some need antibiotics. The nose often harbors mrsa and should be treated. .