I am twenty year old female I sometimes I hold my pee cause I don't feel like getting up at night and now if I snezze I leak pee n my draws help?

SUI. This is stress urinary incontinence. May respond to kegel exercises, which involve squeezing buttocks together & thrusting pelvis forward 10 times slowly and holding it 30 - 60 seconds & repeat 5 times a day. Can be done standing, sitting or lying down. Also try placing a ball between your knees and squeezing knees together, hold as log as u can and then repeating. U may need gyn/urologist dr.
Stress incontinence. Urine leak with sneezing is called stress incontinence and is more common in women, particularly those who have delivered children vaginally. If you are bothered by the amount and frequency of leakage, see a urologist or gynecologist for evaluation. A wide range of therapies, from pelvic floor muscle training, to medications, to surgical procedures are available depending on the cause.
Stress incontinence. What you have is stress incontinence and you should not hold your urine at night or day time and should visit the toilet when it is called for.You need to have urological evaluatin with urine test and cystoscopy and if indicated imaging to find out treatable causes of your condition.So see your urologist and dont hold your your pee, go to toilet when it is called for.