Do you think hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment could help with stricturing Crohn's disease? (i realize there are no large clinical trials yet.)

Hyperbaric oxygen. As you said there are no randomized controlled trials. One has to be careful with methods touted as useful. Hbo is useful but can be detrimental for example in someone with severe emphysema. So unless you are checked by a dr, you may be "fixing something and unfixing another". There are several crohn rx now that are proven. U could even enroll in trials. But caution w/ "snake oil" unproven rx.
HBOT. Hyperbaric oxygen is reported to effect crohn's disease w decreased inflammation, c-reactive protein, sedimentation rate, white blood count ; tumor necrosis factor alpha. It reportedly reduces pain ; normalizes stooling. It may be a possible adjunct for treatment of crohn's disease which is complicated ; which has failed conventional treatment. It is not well studied - so i don't have more info.