I had my ears pinned back but now one looks like its pinned back more then the other is this part of the healing prosess?

Maybe. So much depends on the timing. If it has been less than 3 months since the surgery it is much too early to tell. Some slight changes in ear position continue for some time after surgery and a slight degree of asymmetry may be present long term, just as it is present in people with unoperated ears. Share your concerns with your surgeon. His/her goal is to make you happy with your ears! good luck!
Could be . Typically one ear is more severe to begin with because asymmetry is normal. It is best to wait and follow the outcome as both are likely to relax and may e not to the same degree. Perhaps some sutures may have come loose and therefore you should discuss with your surgeon. It is otherwise best to wait and consider a revision at a later date.
Otoplasty. I presume you had an otoplasty? If so, it is ok if there is a slight difference between the two sides... None of us have perfectly symmetrical bodies. If it is more than slight... Follow up to see your surgeon.
May need revision. You may need revision if it didn't look alike. Sometimes the cartilage may need either excision or scoring good luck.
Perhaps. Depends. No two ears are exactly symmetrical. If there is a noticeable difference, revision otoplasty is an option. Make sure you are assessed by a facial plastic surgeon.