Lyme disease treatment?

Depends. Lyme disease is easily treatable once it is diagnosed, which is sometimes difficult given current testing. Early Lyme is treated with doxycycline for 14-21 days. Disseminated Lyme (meningitis, carditis, Bell's Palsy) is treated 21-28 days and Lyme arthritis, a single swollen joint, is treated 28 days. Later Lyme is either treated with doxycycline or, in more severe cases, IV ceftriaxone.
Depends. Acute lyme is treated differently than chronic lyme. Chronic lyme needs a minimum of two antibiotics as well as other supportive measures. Low dose Naltrexone is one such option.
Lyme disease. There are several antibiotics that are highly effective in treating acute lyme disease. Effects on "chronic" lyme disease are less certain. It should be treated at least 2-3 wks and some recommend a month.