What causes average low blood pressure 95/60? I have dizziness alot. Had norm cardiac tests, doctors don't seem concerned. Possible ms/ many brain lesions under investigation. Heart palps.

Blood pressure. Don't know what your usual BP has been. If this is lower there are many potential sources and this would require a very detailed investigation. If you have brain lesions by MRI this evaluation is obviously underway and would stick with your concerned doctor and ask questions.
Dizziness and MS. Depending on where the brain lesions are, they could be a cause of your dizziness. Your blood pressure is normal, especially for a lady. It is not the cause of your symptoms. Other causes of dizziness can be medicine side effects (although not for those you listed), vertigo, or other effects with the ear. It would help you to see a neurologist considering your symptoms and test results.
Another doctor. If the BP is way below your past measurements for no reason and you are still dizzy, you need to find another doctor who would work with you given your symptoms. Why are you on prednisone? If you had been on Prednisone for months then stopped it abruptly, you may have an adrenal insufficiency which may be a potential cause for your dizziness.