I'm on two depression meds, and I'm always tired no matter how much sleep I get. My thyroid has been checked and is fine. What's the problem?

Multifactorial. Could b many things. Depression makes some people feel really tired. U only list one anti depressant, but also an anti histamine, which for some can cause fatigue. I would suggest eliminating alcohol completely since it can distort sleep architecture and cause non-restorative sleep. Make sure you're staying active during the day and unwinding properly at night. Be well.
Talk to your doctor. You should talk to your prescribing physician about your symptoms to see if there is a relationship to the medications that you are receiving. Although bupropion xl is usually known for promoting wakefulness and increasing energy it could be producing an idiosyncratic reaction in you. Most medications for depression can produce sedation in certain patients. Stay safe!