Can I take probiotics after finishing my antibiotics?

Yes. It is helpful in restoring the healthy normal bacteria that are part of the intestinal flora.
Probiotics. Probiotics have not shown either overwhelming positive results nor harmful results with their use.
Yes. Yes, but as my colleagues mention, taking them while you are taking antibiotics is also wise. While antibiotics may kill some of the probioitics, many probiotic strains are not killed by antibiotics. Saccharomyces boulardii, a probiotic yeast, may be especially useful to take while taking antibiotics due to its resistance to antibiotics.
Yes. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the gut. The good bacteria helps with digestion and helps the immune system. Taking probiotics after an antibiotic helps to recolonize the good bacteria in the gut.
Yes. Yes, taking probiotics after a course of antibiotics is a good idea to restore the balance of normal gut bacteria.
Yes. Yes, probiotics can and should be take not only after a course antibiotics, but also during a course of antibiotic. I generally recommend to take the antibiotic as far removed from the doses of antibiotics as possible as the antibiotics can also kill the probiotics; at lunch for twice-daily antibiotics (between am and pm doses); for dinner or breakfast opposite once-daily antibiotics.
Yes. Yes. Should take when antibiotics are started. Even better to take probiotics at the first signs of becoming sick or better yet, before even becoming sick (if immunocompromised, around many sick people, or are more stressed than usual). This way the "good bacteria" from the probiotic will get a head start on the "bad bacteria and/or viruses" that can cause illnesses.
Yes. In fact, i would encourage you to take probiotics even while taking antibiotics. Not only will this help replenish good bacterial flora in your intestines ( which can easily be killed by the antibiotics) but this may help prevent other opprtunistic infections from forming in the first place after taking antibiotics such as a yeast or candida infection or even a c. Difficile infection.
Yes. But, it's better to take them as soon as you start taking the antibiotics. This will help to minimize the damage to the gut bacteria. Then continue the probiotics for at least a week after stopping the antibiotics.
Yes. Antibiotics affect the bacterial flora across the entire body, not just at the site of your infection. Probiotics can help to restore the normal bacterial flora of the body to prevent such complications as diarrhea and yeast infections.