Luq pain, colonoscopy, blood work, stool cultures normal. Abdomen not tender. Colicky pain - feels like cramp you get after eating and exercising right away. New depressed.25 y/o f. Pancreatic cancer?

Not likely related. Pancreatic cancer is extraordinarily unlikely in a 25 year old. Working with an internist and/or a gastroentrologist is important in figuring out what is wrong.
Not likely . Pancreatic cancer is very rare under age 40 but pancreatitis is not. The latter is usually related to gallstones or alcohol drinking. Evaluation of persistent or severe pain in left upper quadrant should include an upper endoscopy especially if warning symptoms present like bleeding, weight loss, low blood count, ; failure to respond to treatment w acid blockers 4 gastritis, acid reflux ; ulcers.
No pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is very rest in 25 year olds and usually causes pain in the upper abdominal and/or back., not in the llq. With a negative workup, your pain is likely due to a benign cause such as irritable colon, constipation or even simple colonic gas. It is probably nothing serious but should be checked out with a ct scan of the abdomen/pelvis if it persists.