How do you get rid of really red eyes after smoking weed?

Stop smoking. You eye is red from smoke entering the eye itself through the air. So smoke in a well ventilated place. A few get red eyes from the chemicals in the smoke which can dilate eye vessels internally. If that is the case you need to stop smoking. I am guessing you are worried that the red eyes are a give away to your weed habit. So don't smoke when that would be a problem.
Just say no... Just don't smoke weed to begin with.

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I have really red eyes from smoking. How to get rid of it?

Stop smoking. As a doctor, i'd first advise you to stop smoking. There's nothing good about smoking. It's difficult to quit, no doubt, but you should try. Read more...

How can I get rid of red eyes caused by smoking and allergies?

Eye drops. For allergies, several eye drops are available. Zaditor (also sold as store brands of ketotifen) is available otc. Prescription brands include pataday, Optivar and patanol (olopatadine). For red eyes with irritation vasoconstrictor drops, such as naphcon-a are effective. Read more...

What causes you to get red eyes from smoking weed?

Blood vessels dilate. Marijuana use results in the dilation of blood vessels on the white part of your eye, which makes then appear red. Read more...