The best birth control pill brand, for someone with long, irregular, very painful periods?

No one best pill. Birth control pills are estrogen and a testosterone derivative called a progestin. This is true for all us bcps except progestin only pills, and a new pill on the market called natazia (estradiol valerate and dienogest). Typically the progestins are used to control pain. If you do not get acne or have acne, the best pill for you is one with a high androgen effect, ie levonorgestral. Estrogen and this progestin will solve problem.
IUD/Implant. Regardless of your age, blood pressure, family history, or reactions to other birth control, the most effective and safest methods of birth control are long-acting progestin-only methods, such as the implant or the hormonal IUD, which decrease rates of endometrial cancer and decrease bleeding. They're safe, reversible, and don't affect weight gain/mood. They're almost as good as getting sterilized.

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Which birth control pills are best for women who have heavy, irregular, and painful periods? Which features make them effective for menstrual help?

So many options. There are really too many options available depending on each individual's circumstances to go over in this short answer. It is an excellent question to pose to your doctor. Some women need estrogen predominant, some benefit from triphasic pills - it all depends on your individual history.

What birth control pill works best to provide more regular periods?

Regular perods & BPS. Usually the combination pills of estrogen and Progesterone (or progestins) work best to give a regular cycle mimicking the natural cycle. If you find that the pill that you're using isn't satisfactory change pills to you find one that gives you the best results.

When should I start birth control pill with irregular periods?

After next period. If periods are irregular, wait for your next menstrual period or obtain a serum pregnancy test before starting the birth control pill.

Birth control questions I have been taking seasonique, the birth control pill for a long time now, and I've been having a white discharge and I want to know if thats from taking the pill. I also do not have periods at all anymore, and I don't remember how

A. A white discharge can be normal - the hormones from the pill can cause your vagina to make an increased amount of lubrication and discharge. As long as you are not experiencing itching, redness, pain, change in the color of discharge or foul odor, it is probably fine. Seasonique is also one of the pills that makes you only have 4 periods a year instead of once a month. This is not harmful, but if it bothers you, then talk to your doctor about switching to a different birth control pill.

Which birth control pill works best for more regular periods?

No clear differences. There is no clear evidence that users of any one particular pill will have more or fewer side effects. Every person is different, & success with pills can't be predicted--you have to try it on (like finding the best pair of blue jeans).Most people do well on the 1st pill they try, and almost everyone can find a pill that works. Give it a fair try ~3 months if you can, as many mild side effects go away.