Strange rashes on my hands and feet. Got some firm little reddish spots that don't break. Is that hand-foot-mouth?

Possibly. Hand-foot-mouth disease is a common viral infection which leads to blisters or red spots on the palms, soles of the feet, and in the mouth. It can be associated with some fever. The condition is self-limited, lasting about a week. The only treatment is symptomatic. Check with your doctor if is continues.

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Pediatrics, my son has hand foot mouth, now has rash w little red dots around both knees. Normal? Ok? No fever anymore and in good spirits. 

COXSACKIE VIRUS. Hand foot and mouth disease is caused by coxsackie virus, and usully causes rash in hands, lesions in the oral cavity, and rash inloving soles of feet, but sometimes you can rash on arms and legs as well. It resolves completely without and tratment and there are no saquele of this benign condition in children, it is contagious condition spreads easily in day care anmd schools.
Usually OK. Hand-foot-mouth disease is a common childhood illness. To make the diagnosis, you need to see blisters on the palms of the hand, soles of the feet, and in the mouth. However, you can get a rash or blisters anywhere else as well. As you noted, a fever often occurs as well. As long as the fever is gone as he is acting fine, should be ok. Check with doctor if things change.
Normal. Hand foot and mouth also has the rash in other places legs included.
Hand Foot & Mouth. Although, as the name says, the rash is on the hands, feet and in the mouth, it can also occur in other places. The knees are a common spot. As long as he is recovering, and the fever has resolved, it's likely nothing to worry about. If he is worsening, see your doctor.
Reassuring. Hand foot mouth disease rash can extend occasionally to arms and legs and diaper area. The rash typically does not bother the child. The mouth blisters can be painful. Rash will resolve in 3-5 days.
Yes. The hand, foot, mouth disease strain that is circulating this year is causing a lot of strange, peripheral body rashes. No need to worry, this should resolve with 1-2 weeks.
Viral rash. Enterovirus - the virus that causes hand, foot and mouth can give several different types of rashes. New rash is probably from the virus.
Normal. Children with hand-foot-mouth disease may develop rash over buttock, thigh, genitalia, and knees beside the characteristic blistery rash over hands and feet.
Hand foot and mouth. There are some sequelae of the Hand Foot and mouth rash. But if the rash does not blanch with pressure, I would rather have the child seen by the Pediatrician and tested to make sure his platelets are not too low.

W/ hand foot mouth, pediatricians, is it normal for my 2 yr old to develop a rash all over the back of his legs and butt? Small red dots. Treatment?

Yes. The area around the bottom and upper legs is a common additional site of hfm, it just didn't make it to the label when the pattern was being named. If that's the only site and there are no blisters it could be something else. Te variability of hfm is quite diverse, with some having only one area involved.
Coxackie virus. The teatment is fever control and making sure your toddler does not get dehydrated due to difficulty drinking as there may be painful sores in mouth. HFM disease is a viral infection and there is no antiviral treatment.

Tiny red spots back of 3 yr old throat, tummy pain, high fever, no appetite. Doc says hand foot mouth. But what else could it be and can I look out 4?

Strep throat. Strep usually causes abdominal pain; but if he had a strep test and it is negative, likely the doctor is right and it could be hand-foot-mouth. Feed soft lukewarm foods and plenty of room temp liquids, nothing scratchy, acid or carbonated and use Acetaminophen for discomfort--should be better in a few days. It is possible to have both.
Other considerations. I agree that your child may have Strep, another viral infection or a possible pulmonary infection which can cause abdominal pain and fever. If the symptoms do not improve or if they persist, I would advise a follow up visit. Your physician may obtain a throat culture for Strep. Hand, Foot and Mouth disease is a viral illness which improves with time and usually resolves by the 10 th day.

Son has clustered small rash on arm for about 2weeks now, is in the last stages of hand foot mouth disease (blisters have dried) should I worry?

No. Should resolve within a few days. However if it still persists revisit pediatrician to conform it is not unrelated problem such as molluscum contagiosum or other unrelated secondary rash.
No. If the rash is related to the hand foot and mouth disease and is crusted then no worries. Usually when blistery rashes are crusted over it indicates healing and the "scabs" just need to heal. If this rash is not related and is not blistery and is different, then have him seen as it is hard to diagnose a rash without seeing it.
See note. No. Typically the incubation period for this virus in children is only a week and is not transmissible after such time. Simply allow the virus to run it's course and use disinfectants regularly throughout the house.

17 month old in day care, red spotty rash on abdomen and back, spreading to arms and legs. Temp 39.4 (17 days ago), think that was hand foot mouth?

Unlikely. HFM can have spots/blisters in these locations. However, the presentation usually starts with small blisters in the back of the mouth, followed by distinctive blisters (oval and grayish) located in other sites. The fingers/hand/wrist are common as are the foot and ankle. The peri-anal region is also common. The rash you describe is non specific and could have been many things, HFM is unlikely.

My infant and toddler both have hand foot & mouth. Are they still contagious once the spots appear? Also my infant is 9mths old. Dangerous or ok?

Hand Foot and Mouth. Hand, foot, and mouth disease is usually not serious. The illness is typically mild, and nearly all patients recover in 7 to 10 days without medical treatment. Complications are uncommon except for dehydration. Hand foot and mouth is contagious roughly for a few days before the symptoms appear untill they start to feel better and the spots and ulcers have healed over, so usually about 7 to 10 days.