Sport medicine question. Where does the shoulder go when it dislocates?

Three direction. Sometimes dislocation may tear ligaments or tendons in the shoulder or damage nerves. The shoulder joint can dislocate forward, backward, or downward. A common type of shoulder dislocation is when the shoulder slips forward (anterior instability). This means the upper arm bone moved forward and down out of its joint. It may happen when the arm is put in a throwing position. Thank you.
Out the front. When the shoulder dislocates, the humeral head (ball) "leaves" the glenoid (cup). The vast majority of times, the ball goes forward and rest in the soft tissues of the chest. In certain instances, the ball can go backwards. In very rare instances, usually after a high-energy injury, the ball can go straight down, into the armpit.
Out the front. Usually, with dislocations, the head of the upper arm bone dislocates out the front of the shoulder and results in a temporary deformity that can be seen in the front of the shoulder, until it gets reduced.