For psychologists: what is the best approach to deal with an overwhelming amount of stress from all aspects of life on your own? Can't afford therapy.

Dealing with stress. First, make sure you eat healthily and get at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. Create a small group of reliable friends who will meet together regularly to hear and support each other. Find a type of exercise you'll enjoy enough to do regularly -- dancing, walking, hiking, yoga, etc. Daily meditation will help you stay aware and focused. Avoid alcohol, nicotine, ; street drugs.
Find a support group. For the kinds of stress you are experiencing, locate a mental health clinic that offers a sliding scale for people who do not have insurance that have low income, speak to a minister at your church, some schools of psychology have clinics where their students train. Find a way to get help, you deserve it and do not have to stay overwhelmed or alone with the issues. .
Meditation Practice. Once a week in a group, daily or twice a day x20 minutes. Look at the book zen mind beginnners mind.