Snowboard wrist injury. How can I take care of it? Feels like a pinched nerve or carpal tunnel or something?

Need evaluation. Snowboard injuries can be simple (sprain) or complex (fracture or ruptured ligament). Persistent pain after a fall on an outstretched hand could be a sign of a significant injury. Be sure to see a board certified hand surgeon for a complete evaluation and to rule out serious injuries that can lead to chronic pain and visibility, such as carpal ligament rupture and scaphoid fracture.
See a Hand Surgeon. If you have a snow boarding injury that is causing numbness and tingling you might have a significant injury to your wrist that is causing the carpal tunnel syndrome secondarily. Listen to your body and seek help by getting a proper diagnosis and treatment from a hand surgeon.
Diagnosis is key. It is very important to assess tw injury immediately as well as after one week to assess possible soft tissue as well as none injuries with clinical examination and diagnostic imaging. An initially approved x-ray may not reveal a minimally displaced fracture which may be more apparent at a later date with repeat x-rays. Therapy begins with rest (splinting), ice, compression and elevation.

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How can I take care of a pinched nerve from a snowboard wrist injury?

Depends. First of all, which nerve? Does it hurt or create motor problem? Ultrasound examination, MRI and EMG help to assess the magnitude of damage. Treatment may be conservative or surgical.
Decompress. If you still have symptoms since last winter then you need to have surgery to decompress the nerve before you have permanent damage. See a hand surgeon.