Lip biopsy- seronegative sjogren's. What's diff in + & -? See dr 11/25. Any suggestions or where to find info? Very sick year. Had 2 ivig's for my ms

Complex. I gather you have MS diagnosed, associated with Sjogren's if lip biopsy was positive, but am confused as to why you ever had IVIG, which is ineffective in most MS situations. There are 13 disease modifying agents, and if you have MS, you should be on one of these. Seek info form MS Society, American Academy of Neurology, and Sjogren's Association.
Here's a heads-up. Sjogren's can actually produce brain lesions that mimic multiple sclerosis. Most but not all white folks have anti-ro and anti-la on board with sjogren's but for other ancestries it may not be so. Read up a little on this and get more knowledgeable than most physicians -- you can do this in a fairly short time, and the best physicians appreciate this kind of partnership.
No diff. In treatment just made diagnosis more difficult . Hope you will have a better year overall now that your doctors have a better overall handel on what is wrong with you and can come up with a better targeted treatment plan.