Slurred speech, stuttering and slow movement in older aunt. Are those signs of parkinson's?

May be. There are many other diseases who show same symptoms, see a neurologist.
Could be.... Physical symptoms can include tremor of limbs at rest>in posture or in action; slow movements & stiff (rigid) muscles causing quiet facial emotions, softer voice, bent forward head & neck posture, decreased arm swing, slow-shuffled walk, small/scratchy penmanship, etc. Non-physical symptoms can include cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, sleepiness, constipation, ed, low bp, acting-out dreams.

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Slurred speech, studdering and slow movement. What is wribg?

Overly sedated. This can result from medications that have sedative effect, alcohol or street drugs, or something metabolic such as low blood pressure or heart. Please consult your doctor for full assessment. Read more...

Parkinson. Slowness movement, beginning state. 2 guide fr 2 doctors: 1st: sifrol 250; 2nd: trivastal 50mg, lioresal (baclofen) 10mg, artane 2mg. Which one better?

Critique. Trivastal, a newer Dopamine agonist, is not available in the usa, but might be a choice. Sifrol, pramipexole, is likely your safest and best starting drug. There is no role for lioresal, (baclofen) and Artane is literally "poison" and is not used in the usa. Choose the doc who recommended sifrol. Read more...