What are the symptoms of angle closure glaucoma, other than glares and halos around lights? My iot with non-contact tonometer is 16 for both eyes.

Severe eye pain. Angle closure is a severe ; emergent eye issue. Iop usually higher than 50-60. Profound visual loss happens rapidly with such severe pain it can make people very sick. A true eye emergency requires immediate care...Usually seen in older people.
Angle Closure. In angle closure glaucoma, the anterior chamber drainage angle becomes blocked. Aqueous humor can not leave the eye, and pressure builds. Besides hazy vision, severe eye pain, headache, sudden vision loss are other symptoms. The intraocular pressure (iop) shoots up to the 40s and higher. I have seen a case with iop higher than 100. Iop of 16 is not consistent with diagnosis of acute angle closure.