Will letting my kid drink under our supervision be a good way to fend off addiction?

I'm biased. I see the alcoholics in treatment whom this may have been there first exposure to alcohol. Questions to ask, do any adult family members have a drinking problems. Ie family history of addiction. Clearly different families and cultures have differing ideas and motifs regarding this kind of behavior. I just asked my wife she said not a good idea, I agree not for our kids, i'll just talk with them.
No. Letting your underage kid drink is a really bad idea and it's actually illegal. You want to make it crystal clear that you don't approve of your kid's drinking, at all. You need to absolutely not condone it by allowing it, albeit under supervision. Bad idea. Also, if you or the other parent have a drinking problem, seek help, instead of setting an example like-do what I say, not what I do.