Related Questions

What can a doctor tell by feeling your swollen neck glands. What is he looking for when he feels the neck..

Abnormalities. Looking for any abnomalities in the neck. Like enlarged or nodular thyroid gland, enlarges salivary glands or lymph nodes, any other masses. Tender vertebrae, muscles. Checks carotid pulse. If you have any abnormalites in the neck, you may be referred to an ENT doc.

Had infection swollen neck glands a week ago. Went to doc yesterday all gone now. Throat is still red scratchy and inflamed what can I do. Please help?

Clearing? It sounds like your problem is clearing, but if there is still a problem with your throat, would return to your doctor, he may need to send a throat culture to be certain the issue is not a bacterial infection.

Is it better to use cold/heat on swollen neck glands?

Neither. Tray taking an NSAID such as advil (ibuprofen) or motrin, if the glands are too large and causing you to have difficulty swallowing, call your doctor.