Does it matter if a child who has arthritis running in the family have a rolling backpack or a regular backpack?

Possibly. I am not a huge fan of seeing these young kids with back packs that in some cased weigh over 30 lbs!. I believe it is an unnecessary stress on their developing spines and also believe it may contribute to future problems but i cannot prove that. I will be happier when textbooks can be on ipads or the like. In the meantime, if the school allows would rather see rolling back packs.
Regardless of FHX. When worn correctly, the weight in the back is worn evenly distributed across the body, shoulder and neck injuries are less commmon than carrying a briefcase/purse. Kids should not carry more than 10-15% of their body weight in thier backpacks. Too heavy causes muscle/joint strain and severe back pain. Rolling backpacks would avoid this but to kids are not 'cool.".