Is sexual assault ptsd preventable by starting ssri's right after assault?

Therapist. Best to see, discuss and get advice from an experienced psychiatrist, psychologist or msw therapist. Also consider taking legal action, this may help you and might help possible future victims. This is better than burying the problem with medication. Good luck.
Crisis intervention. This tact has been taken for patients who are symptomatic after traumatic experiences (most often for complex ptsd). I personally would not prescribe selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors to a patient who was not significantly symptomatic. However, crisis intervention is certainly warranted.
Early interventions. There are early psychotherapeutic interventions for trauma, that don't involve medications -- these can also be very effective. Early emdr intervention [eei] is one of them, and has been applied in all kinds of situations including war. More info about emdr through the emdr institute: http://www.Emdr.Com/general-information/what-is-emdr.Html you can also find a local clinician via this site.

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What are the best ways to help control flashbacks from ptsd? (childhood sexual assault survivor)

PTSD flashbacks. Psychotherapy with emdr (eye movement desensitization & reprocessing) can be very helpful for these flashbacks. this is done in the context of an ongoing therapeutic relationship to help you work through and release the painful aspects of what has happened to you. History can't be changed, but your future can. Good luck to you. Read more...
PTSD flashbacks. Most researched form is cognitive behavioral therapy (you learn to identify thoughts that make u feel afraid or upset, & replace them with less distressing thoughts). Also, exposure/desensitization, interpersonal psychotherapy. Several medications have been used, including ssri's such as prozac, snri's such as effexor. Others are clonidine, topamax, lamictal, buspar, (buspirone) inderal, elavil, tofranil. Read more...

Is trivicay 50mg the right medication given after sexual assault to prevent HIV infection?

See below. This issue is not suitable for this forum. You should see an infectious disease specialist. You may consult the following two sites for information and discuss the matter with your doctor at your earliest. Read more...