Returning to work after endoscopic carpal tunnel release. Gradually increase work hours over how many days?

It depends on job. I tell both my endoscopic and open carpal tunnel release patients to take 2 weeks off work. People with more seditary jobs are usually ready to return to work by 2 weeks. Patients who perform heavy labor may need to be off or on light duty for 4-6 weeks.
Depends on work. It depends on the type of work. For most patients, they are able to gradually resume most normal activities around 6 weeks after surgery. Most do not require occupational therapy on the hand. However, it can be helpful if the recovery is slow.
Job description? The type of job is very important and recommendations will vary according to work requirements such as lifting.
6 weeks. It really depends on the job you are returning to. Factory jobs i will send to pt for two weeks prior to rtw. Usually they are off for 4 weeks prior to going to pt.