Pulmonary hypertension question. Does it ever reverse itself?

Sometimes. Secondary pulmonary hypertension can reverse itself if the inciting cause can be fixed before the pulmonary hypertension becomes permanent. Examples of reversal causes of pulmonary hypertension includes hypoxia (lack of oxygen) caused by asthma or obstructive lung disease, sleep apnea, or valvular diseases.
Not on its own. It is a very serious condition that needs specialized treatment. Depending on the cause, if treatment is initiated early the pressures may decrease almost back to normal and symptoms improve significantly.

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I hope that this question isn't too general. Is the treatment for pulmonary hypertension always the same as the usual treatment for cardiac failure? Please elaborate if possible.

It is too general. The treatment is nearly totally different and too complex to be discussed in this forum. You need to ask your doctor to explain the differences. Read more...
No. Pulmonary hypertension requires specific medicines. Heart failure completely different medicines, though significant pulmonary hypertension can cause right sided heart failure that requires heart failure medications. Read more...