Woman with frequent yeast infections. When to worry about immune problem like aids?

Exposed? Any time that you are concerned about the possibility that you have been exposed to HIV disease, get tested. Better safe than sorry. Recurrent yeast infections may have varying causes, not the least of which having your sexual partner recolonize your vagina with the yeast on his penis. Discuss with your doctor.

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Do yeast infections always mean something weak in the immune system?

Not all the time. Antibiotics can cause vaginal yeast infections. But if you are having oral or skin infection that usually does mean an impaired immune system. You should be checked for diabetes, low white blood cell count and HIV which are more common causes.

Frequent yeast infections. Does it mean HIV or other immune disorder?

Conceivable. But you do not say if you are a man or woman, where the yeast infections are occurring. If this is vaginal, not necessarily due to immune disorder. If oral, get checked asap for hiv, etc. When yeast vaginitis recurs frequently you may be becoming reinfected by your male partner, who should smear anti-fungal cream on his penis while you are being treated for your vaginitis.

Girlfriend on co-amoxiclav think she developed a yeast infection we had intercourse now I am showing symptoms does this mean I have a weak immune syst?

Not necessarily. You don't say what your symptoms are, but it is entirely possible for your sexual partner to transmit fungal colonization to your penis and if you have an abrasion or other issue for you to become symptomatic. This has nothing to do with your overall immune function. Sounds like your anxiety disorder may be functioning. Good luck and best.

I am getting excessive canker sores along its what I think is a yeast infection. Immune system? Yeast overgrowth?

Common. Canker sores are common in young people particularly when under stress. They're caused by a virus. Vaginal yeast infections are exceedingly common particularly when hormones cycle during periods. The two are unrelated. These are not typical infections in people with immune deficiency.
See your MD. Excessive canker sores & yeast infections may be your body's way of signaling that your defense systems are being attacked by either bacteria, yeast or a virus. It would be most effective for you to see your md to have the appropriate tests taken. Please also relate to your doctor if you have been taking any medications, been exposed to anybody chronically ill or been traveling outside the country.

What could cause both canker sores and a yeast infection? Could this be from a weak immune system?

Yes. Fungal ("yeast") infections are often secondary to other issues like a weakened immune system, as can be canker or other mouth sores. However, both can also be secondary to taking antibiotics, where the change to the normal bacterial components of your mouth allows fungi to thrive, resulting in both mouth sores and fungal infection. See a dentist and/or physician for exam and testing.
Usually stress. Followed by a compromised immune situation. Yeastn takes over when the normal bacteria are missing.

Caught a yeast infection after having sex does this mean I have a weak immune system worried I have underlying cancer or something horrible help!

Educate yourself. Any guy can catch a yeast infection down there from a girl or just being himself. It's got nothing to do with your immune system. It's common. You're almost a grown man. One of the finest gifts you can give yourself and the women in your life is to be a responsible, educated lover. Start using condoms and read a couple of good books. And welcome to the new joys and responsibilities of being a man.