Pain in upper abdomen. Worried about pancreas. What type of pain is pancreatitis?

Achy into back. Can be dull, achy, penetrating/boring through into bsack; can be more sharp, acute. Can be associated with vomiting, sense of feeling full, feeling sick. Often associated with alcohol use and/or passing gallstone. Can be a very big deal. Any doubt? Call md, get examined.
Abdomen and back. Pancreatitis is usually felt in the upper mid abdomen, right under the tip of the breast-bone and it goes straight through to the back. Some describe it as a knife or a spear stabbing them. It usually does not wrap around the side of the body to the back. If you are worried about pancreatitis you should see your family doctor or be seen in an er.

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I started lovan 3 days ago only half dose once a day my tummy hurts and I'm worried it may affect my pancreas as I suffered with pancreatitis last yr?

Doctor can evaluate. There are too many possible reasons for a tummy ache in a person, and most people get a tummy ache occasionally. An evaluation by a primary care doctor can help decide it one's tummy ache is related to a new medication, or is due to some other cause.

I hve idiopathic chroni pancreatitis and frm 1month am taking tablets creon and (tramodal if pain).NOW abdomen scan showed NORMAL PANCREAS age is 19.

Typical. Chronic pancreatitis can cause pain even in the absence of radiologic or laboratory findings. Hopefully the medication that you are taking are helpful, and your symptoms are improving as well as your CT scan.

Can I eat chicken weekly once 250 gram I had chr. Idiopathic pancreatitis but now in my abdomen scan pancreas r normal am taking creon also with food.

Pancreatitis. Start with smaller amounts of non-fat chicken. Take with creon. The proper way is to start with very small amounts of extra-lean protein and then see how you are with that. Eat the very small amount only once weekly. Your diet should always be low fat.

I'm on Medrol (methylprednisolone) and am having sharp pains in my left upper abdomen. Can this med cause pancreatitis?

Gastritis/ulcer. High doses of steroid like Medrol (methylprednisolone) can cause gastritis and even stomach ulcer. Sometimes this can be prevented by taking a PPI type of drug (Prilosec etc) along with the steroid However you do need to contact your doctor immediately re. This problem. I am not aware of Medrol (methylprednisolone) causing pancreatitis.

I have upper abdomen pain and had blood work done that says I have a high lipase level of 343. Could this be pancreatitis?

Yes. Careful follow up and abstain from all alcohol. Get a hepatitis blood screening.
Yes. Pancreatitis is characterized by epigastric abdominal pain that radiates to the back. Pain is worse after eating or laying on your back. Pancreatitis has elevated amylase and lipase elevation.