Pain in lower abdomen when peeing. Not on period. No UTI for over 3 years. What could cause it?

Check for uti? If you pain while urinating, your urine needs to be analyzed for infection. You could have a kidney stone too. These are relatively common.

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Found min sediment in urine x1 wk. Dipped urine no blood or odor. Mod wbc. Horrible lower back and lower abdominal pain daily. Poss uti? Any thoughts

Possible. It is not necessary that blood be present as blood can be lysed or whole rbc and your tester does not detect the whole blood. The kidney is not really in the lower back but rather mid back but the lower abdominal pain may point to the bladder. Since there are discrepancies it is best to see your doctor and be diagnosed properly and treated appropriately. Read more...