Which one causes more akathisia: latuda or zyprexa or fanapt or saphris (asenapine)?

2nd generation. These are all 2nd generation antipsychotics, but at high enough doses any of them can cause akathisia. Arguably, Latuda (lurasidone) and zyprexa might cause more than the others. I'm using the 20th edition of clinical handbook of psychotropic drugs published by hogrefe to review data on this. Perhaps others will have other opinions.
Akathisia. Akathisia occurs in up to 22% with Latuda & is dose-related. Akathisia/akathisia events occur in up to 27% with Zyprexa. Akathisia occurs most often at a Zyprexa dose of 15 mg/day. Rate for Fanapt is 1% to 10%. Rate for Saphris is 1% to 10%. This data was obtained from the Drugs. Com website.