Are there herbs that decrease my testosterone levels and decrease my facial hair growth?

No. No herb has been clinically proven to lower testosterone levels, and lower testosterone levels will probably not decrease facial hair growth. If your facial hair growth has decreased, let your doctor evaluate you to find out why.

Related Questions

Will taking zinc and magnesium pills help build my testosterone levels for facial hair growth?

No. Facial hair growth is more complex than just testosterone. Growth depends on the genes you inherited. Zinc and magnesium do not increase testosterone. Facial hair does not the person make. Be happy with who you are.

Will higher testosterone lead to an increase in facial hair growth?

Not if you're 47yo! At 47yo, you should be way past puberty such that (additional) testosterone will not "speed up puberty". Go see your family doc & explain what you want as "speed up puberty" is too general. As for getting a beard, this is related to genetics. Yes, excess testosterone can cause facial & body hair in women, but it can also lead to acne & scalp hair loss etc in both genders. Be careful what you wish!

My bf has low testosterone levels (hinted by his inability to grow facial hair), how can his libido be so high?

May not be low T. There are a number of causes for lack of facial hair growth and low t is only one. Genetics play a big role as can some medical illnesses. Some men just never seem to grow facial hair and a particular causes is never found. I remember being in china and having little kids pulling the hair on my arms because they had never seen arm hair before. They laughed and squealed. It was fun.

How to lower testosterone level? I think I've had a rise in testosterone level. I'm female w/ bad acne on cheeks w/ scarring & facial hair recently.

Sex hormone imbalanc. An imbalance between male and female hormonal level can be treated with birth control pills consult with your doctor about the possibility of having that imbalance.
Check for PCOS. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a common cause of unwanted facial hair, acne, weight gain, and infertility. Your physician will check for lab work; cosmetically Yaz (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) can help to balance the hormones. For the acne, using glycolic acid and retin'a can help with exfoliation. If it is severe, you may need antibiotics. For unwanted hair, the best is laser hair removal since waxing & threading can scar.
Spironolactone. This is a safe med used to reduce male hormone. With a prescription a 3 month supply costs less than $20 cash. It is much more effective vs acne than for hair issues. Do not use if pregnant or in kidney failure. Usually no side effects. Sometimes enlarges breasts. Need to take daily for 3 months to begin to appreciate it. Dose is 25-200mg a day. Good with birth control pill.

I'm obese an obese male, and my low testosterone levels are 90 ng/dl. How can I possible have EXTREMELY dense facial hair, and chest hair, + lowlevel?

Estrogen. You have not always had low T. Your genetics more than any hormone set in stone your hair follicles. Hair is protein and it continues to grow well when you eat protein. But, being obese means you have significantly more Estrogen than you should have and this estrogen is blocking your Testosterone. Obese men often have very low Testosterone because of the excess Estrogen.
Common. Simplistic. Concepts are routinely marketed because people like simple & will commonly buy based on such. Control of hair growth is complex & not that well understood; thus varies widely across the skin and between people, widely varying from the few hormones known involved. Regarding testosterone, it is not the testosterone concentration in blood that counts but dihydrotesterone within hair follicles. Etc.