Hi, I'm having healthy eating habit with normal iron, thyroid & insulin levels. Facing extreme hair dryness &hairfall problem. Kindly suggest cause.

Healthy hair. There are many possible causes for hair loss. The dermatologist can work you up to determine cause. That way, treatment can be targeted to correct the problem. Healthy hair: Get adequate sleep,avoid excess sugar & fat, v carbonated drinks, eat enough protein, exercise regularly. Biotin helps (don't over do it). Insure you have adequate Iron (like kale & other dark green leafies), Omega 3 fatty >
Telogen Effluvium. Similarly, vaccinations, crash dieting, physical trauma such as being in a car crash, and having surgery can sometimes be a shock to the system and a proportion of scalp hair follicles go into hibernation. As the environmental insult passes and the body recovers, the te subsides and there is new hair growth. Some drugs may also induce te, especially antidepressants.