Neck pain and headache. Is a tension headache less dangerous than a migraine?

Yes. Migraine more severe pain and risk factor for stroke, temsion headace resolves with time.
No danger. Most headaches come out of the neck and are triggered by muscle tension, inflammation of the joints and soft-tissues of the neck, and sometimes the regional nerves. These headaches can become real severe (doesn't mean "migraine") at times. Neither ha is dangerous. True migraines are frequently harder to treat and can become chronic and repetitive. Get an exam to see which is your main issue.
No. If you are asking in general, neither type of headache is dangerous-ie-lible to cause you harm or damage to the nervous system.

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I'm having dull headache and neck pain since many days. Could it be tension headache?

Headache. Yes, tension headaches are typically "crushing" - like someone pushing on both sides of your head and the muscles in the neck can also be tense. If you have significant tension in the neck muscles, see if you can have someone try to gently massage these as that can often help the headache in general.

I often wake up with neck pain and a severe tension headache. Why am I getting "stressed" while sleeping? My pillow and mattress are good quality.

What is happening. In your life? Are you stressed at work? Dealing with family problems? Worried about a family member or friend? You daytime stresses may be invading your sleep. Consider talking to a psychologist to search for ways to reduce stress or cope with life's challenges.

Hi I have had dull pain on the left hand side at the back of my head it started as neck pain and it has been 2 days could it be a tension headache?

Other possibilities. By and large tension headaches are defined as headaches which extend about the WHOLE headaches while other types of headaches such as migraines typically show up only on 1 side. Other possibilities such as cervical column osteoarthritis can radiate upward into the head at times. If you'd like to chat 1-1 about this please set up an appointment with me at: www. Healthtap. Com/drsaghafi.

I have neck pain, tension headache along the back of my head, ears keep plugging, and nauseated. I was given keeler (1xqid) 2 days ago for serious uti?

What is keeler? Tetracycline can trigger Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (headaches that are worse on reclining associated with blurred vision due to an imbalance of Cerebrospinal fluid production / resorption). If Keeler is tetracycline you need to see a neurologist.

Sharp pain in head neck pain like a tension headache sometimes earache and a numbness up from my nose to the top of my forhead. Any idea? I

Tension Type. The headaches are usually bilateral and diffuse and often have tenderness in the cervical muscles and other muscles pain as well as the pericranial muscles. The management of episodic and chronic TTH consists of psychological support, physical therapy and pharmacotherapies. Hope it helps.

I have had migraine headaches and neck pain almost everyday for the past 2 months that have steadily gotten worse. Nothing helps what to do?

Need to go to Headac. Headache clinics are the best places to go see a specialist, usually a neurologist. You need to be on one of the new migraine medicines called triptans which work wonderfully if you keep them handy and take one as soon as you feel the headache coming.
Family practice. It is probably related to your accident. Whiplash injury with neck strain can cause chronic ha's. Also tension can cause ha's. I recommend seeing your dr. Get checked out. Then therapy if needed.

How likely is this to be a stroke; 3 month HX of vertigo, right sided neck pain and severe headache. Episodes can last 7 days. Migraine or stroke?

Not. Likely to be a stroke. I think you can safely find something else to worry about.
U should B Cn by-. -a neurologist, the important thing is 2 rule out it Bing a transient vascular event. An MRA of the brain will pick up a narrowing of a vessel or an aneurism.

When I have migraine one side on my neck hurts towards the front and I get really lightheaded. No headache though. What causes the neck pain?

Associated migraine. The neck pain may well be part of the migraine process. It may or may not involve the neck and musculature of the neck. It many times is only in the head area but not uncommonly does involve the neck. The treatment of the migraine is the major item and the neck pain should resolve as well. Advise your doctor of this problem.